Monday 6 December 2021

Monday 8 October 2018

Milang Branchline on display at MR Show in 2018

The Milang Branchline, a work in progress still, was on display at the Noarlunga Model Railroaders MR Exhibition held at The Hub Recreation Centre at Aberfoyle Park on Sat & Sun 29 & 30 September. The Nurragi and Milang stations have been modelled.
You can view a couple of pictures by selectiing Milang & Nurragi in the menu.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Progress Report - September 2018

A loop has been added to the 'Adelaide' Fiddle Yard at Fiddle Yards.
Progress has been slow on the Racecourse module of Strathalbyn.
An update pic of the Milang modules.

Sunday 23 July 2017

Progress Report - July 2017

The Sandergrove modules are finished.

See update pics of the Milang & Nurragi modules. Progressing slowly.

A start has been made on the Racecourse module of Strathalbyn.

Progress on the Southern Fiddle Yard of the Fiddle Yards.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Strathalbyn and Sandergrove Progress

View the layout plan and the progress of the Strathalbyn modules by selecting Strathalbyn in the menu.

Progress is being made on the Sandergrove modules.

A start has been made on the Milang & Nurragi modules.