Fiddle Yards

The 'Adelaide' fiddle yard is positioned at the outer module interface of the module closest to Adelaide. The road tunnel represents the 6 tunnels between Adelaide and Mt Barker. A return loop was added recently via outer tracks.
The 'Southern' fiddle yard and return loop is under construction and will be positioned at the outer module interface of the most southern module (it represent Victor Harbor). A return loop has been included to enable more continuous train movement when the layout is on display at an exhibition.
The design was only achievable by the inclusion of a 3-way second-hand turnout (Fleischmann) at the throat.
Progress (operator side). 'Butchers paper' and a black 'texta' are handy.

Track laid. Trains enter loop at the top and exit at the bottom. Straight section of track at the bottom is for power reversing (switched manually via a centre-off DPDT switch once train has stopped).

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